How to Combine First and Last Name in Excel

A large amount of data in Excel is sorted into many columns to keep it organized and classified. Coming to personal data, more often than not you will find that peoples' names are also split into two (or more) columns, keeping the first name and last name separate. While this helps sort and filter, which is frequently performed with the last name, … [Read more...]

How To Rotate Cell Text in Excel

Do you remember seeing vertical text somewhere and tried to copy that style into your sheets by typing each letter with Alt + Enter in between? If we have spotted you correctly, today is your day and this post is for you. You will learn how to adorn your worksheets with vertical text and diagonal text and how to restore the text in case you don’t … [Read more...]

Name Box in Excel – All You Need To Know

Very simply put, the Name Box is a name-displaying tool. Selection of any cell, column, row, named range, chart, picture, etc., (any item on the worksheet window) shows its name in the Name Box.Displaying the name by selection of any cell or item is the prime job of the Name Box but note that it's just the prime job. The Name Box can be used as … [Read more...]

Excel WORKDAY.INTL Function – How To Use

The WORKDAY.INTL function is categorized as a DATE/TIME function in Excel and is an extension of the WORKDAY function that offers more customizability. In addition to allowing you to calculate N working days into the future or past like the WORKDAY function, it also allows you to set custom weekends.The function has broad applicability in the … [Read more...]

Excel NETWORKDAYS.INTL Function – How To Use

The NETWORKDAYS.INTL function is a Date/Time function in Excel that helps calculate the difference between two given dates in terms of working days. The function, just like the NETWORKDAYS function, automatically omits weekends while computing the number of workdays. In fact, it can do everything that the NETWORKDAYS function does. Plus, it allows … [Read more...]

How to Insert, View, Move and Remove Page Breaks in Excel

If you feel your data is crowding the page it is to be printed on and dividing the data would help with clarity, you can insert page breaks on your sheet. Page breaks are more for the print aesthetic than anything else, as you wouldn’t want to unnecessarily see gray lines on the worksheet if it wasn’t going to be printed.Page breaks aren’t just … [Read more...]

How to Square a Number in Excel – 5 Different Ways

The aim is simple. Squaring a number, a number raised to the power 2, the number multiplied by itself; it's all the same thing, you know the drill. If this is giving you unfond memories of your childhood math classes, it's a good thing you're here because we aren't going to math-splain you.This tutorial is about squaring a number in Excel, and … [Read more...]

How to Lock Cells in Excel – Protecting Excel Worksheets

Whether you are trying to steer clear of accidental overwrites, feeling fickle, or trying to protect some important data; all your reasons are good enough to lock cells in Excel. Locking a cell means that the contents of the cell cannot be changed and the user will receive a prompt when trying to edit a locked cell, not allowing edits to the locked … [Read more...]