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Excel Trick, is a blog launched in Nov 2012. The purpose of this blog is to help you to learn and understand both basic and advanced topics in Microsoft Excel.

What made you to start Excel Trick?


..Still Thinking!


Its me in Office

It’s me in Office!

Well I started this blog as I wanted to put my spare time to a good use!

Most of you would know how it feels to work (9 to 6) sorry 9 to 9 with an access card hanging around your neck.

And then, when you get those 2 off days, you start thinking of the best ways to make best possible use of this time. But you only come to some solid conclusion after both the days are over :(.

After wasting many of my weekends like this, I finally decided to put my time to a better use. This was the story how Excel Trick was born.

Who are you?

It's Me!

It’s Me!

Well, I am Ankit Kaul, very much similar to the guy in this image.

Ankit holds an Engineering Degree in Instrumentation and Control from MIT (Of-course it’s not Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Ankit works (read dozes) in a leading IT Company. Ankit is a die-hard fan of Microsoft Excel and a terrible painter.

Except this I don’t have anything that can be carved in stone.

Statutory Warning!

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