Selecting All Checkboxes using a Single Checkbox in Excel

Add the Mixed State Macro in VBA

A few weeks ago, one of my readers left a comment on my blog asking if there is a way to select a bunch of checkboxes using a single checkbox. [Link to that comment]This is not a new issue, when you have a huge form with many checkboxes, it becomes quite cumbersome to select each checkbox individually. And this gives rise to the need of a … [Read more...]

VBA Split Function – How to Use


VBA, just like any other language gives you a set of functions to perform various operations on strings. And VBA Split is one of those string functions. Microsoft introduced Split function with VBA Version 6 (in Office 2000).As the name suggests, the job of Split statement is to break, split or divide a string based on a particular … [Read more...]

History of Microsoft Excel 1978 – 2013 [Infographic]


How long have you been using Microsoft Excel?Have you ever thought how Excel or the other electronic spreadsheet softwares came to existence?In today’s post, we will go back in time to trace the origin of Excel. So, here we go:While the origin of electronic spreadsheets can be traced back to 1978, but it wasn’t until 1982 when … [Read more...]

VLOOKUP In VBA – With Examples

VLOOKUP in VBA Example 1

In my earlier post, I had written about VLookUp in Excel. It was a massive post of around 2500 words, it explains most of the things about vertical look up function in excel. Today’s post is an extension to that post and here we will understand how to apply a VLookUp in VBA.If you haven’t read that post then I would strongly recommend you … [Read more...]

Excel Text Function – How to Use

Text and If Function result

Excel Text function falls under the category of String Formulas. As the name suggest the task of Text Function is to convert a numeric value to a string.This function comes quite handy when you want to display numbers in a more readable format or in such a format that makes more sense. Another situation where Text Formula can be used is : while … [Read more...]

4 Easy Ways to Delete Blank Rows in Excel

Delete blank rows in excel

Blank rows or blank cells in data sheets can be very annoying. Although deliberate inserting of empty rows can sometimes make your reports easier to read and understand.But if you are planning to import your spreadsheet to some other application (such as Microsoft Access) then these pesky blank rows make your life painful.And in this … [Read more...]

Excel SUMIF and SUMIFS – Explained


As the name suggests SUMIF and SUMIFS formulae are formed by combining SUM and IF functions. In simple English this implies that these functions can add the items or cells that fulfill a particular criteria.Let’s understand it in detail:You know SUM function has the capability to add items, and SUMIF function extends the capabilities of … [Read more...]

FileSystemObject in VBA – Explained


FileSystemObject also called as FSO, provides an easy object based model to access computer’s file system. You simply have to create an instance of FileSystemObject in VBA and then you can generate files, read files, delete files, iterate though folders and do many other operations on your computer’s file system.The FileSystemObject is … [Read more...]

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