Excel HOUR Function – How To Use

The HOUR function is categorized as a DATE/TIME function in Excel and extracts the hour component of a time. It returns a value between 0–23. You can use the HOUR function on its own or use it along with another function by passing the extracted HOUR part as a relayed result.SyntaxThe syntax of the HOUR function is as … [Read more...]

Excel Shows Formula Instead of Result (How to Fix)

Select cell, equal sign, type formula, enter. Now it’s one thing to write a formula that triggers an error, but to see the formula do nothing?How do you fix something that isn’t doing anything?It might not look so wrong but there is definitely something wrong when a formula doesn’t return a result and just… sits there.ProblemThe … [Read more...]

Excel MINUTE Function – How To Use

The MINUTE function in Excel is categorized as a DATE/TIME function. It extracts the minute component from a time and generates an output that's always between 0–59. It's a simple function that relies on a serial number (i.e., an Excel-recognized time value), and returns the minutes from that value.SyntaxThe syntax of the MINUTE function is … [Read more...]

How to Add a Total Row in Excel Table

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a Total Row to an Excel table. If you’re wondering what Total Rows and Excel Tables are, don't worry. We’re going to tackle them one by one but before that, let's get some background.Excel 2007 came up with a feature called "Excel Tables". Although Excel Table is an overly generic term, they provide … [Read more...]

How to Create, Use, Edit and Delete Named Ranges in Excel

Names are one convenient identity. Imagine how we'd be addressed if we didn't have names? Excel tries to make our lives easier by providing us with a similar convenience.What are Named RangesIn Excel, a cell or a range of cells can be named to make their usage easier. It would be simpler to use a named range directly in a formula or select said … [Read more...]

How To Sort By Date In Excel

When you have a large data set to analyze, it’s often helpful to sort the dates in chronological order. Of course, Excel has some built-in tools to get the job done, but sometimes they can’t do exactly what we want. In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about sorting dates chronologically.When you’re through, you’ll be … [Read more...]

Excel MONTH Function – How To Use

The MONTH function is categorized as a Date/Time function in Excel and extracts the month component of a valid Excel date for us. The function returns an integer between 1 to 12. This return may be relayed to another function by nesting the MONTH function.SyntaxThe syntax of the MONTH function is as … [Read more...]

Excel YEAR Function – How To Use

The YEAR function in Excel is categorized as a Date/Time function. It extracts the year component from a valid, Excel recognized date and returns it as a four-digit value. For instance, when a cell contains the date 12/25/2001, the YEAR function returns 2001.The YEAR function is used by financial analysts for extracting the year component from … [Read more...]